Open source pinball game


I've spent couple of weekends making a small game with my buddy, as a warmup. It's made in Godot Engine and source for it is open for everyone to dig in and possibly learn something new!

Source code available here

Play or download a build here

Pat a Mat - Surface Tension


One evening, procrastinating and watching youtube as usual, I have of course stumbled upon more Half Life SFX remakes of videos which - if you're not aware of yet - I am very positive about. This made my gears turn and one idea popped into my head which seemed like a must-do. I quickly downloaded original Half Life and opened my Davinci Resolve, picked the first Pat a Mat vid from the net and started working on it. I didn't even watch the whole thing before finishing the video, I was in such a flow state every next scene I've edited was a new one, I was very surprised to see that the episode contained a crowbar in it!

So I've sat down, worked on it one evening and the whole next day after I woke up. It probably took roughly 15 hours. I was tired and just wanted to publish and share the thing, so I did just that. Here's the result.

I am very proud of how this turned out and I was very happy from the feedback I had received. It is really refreshing to get some instant 'feel good' emotions going after all the years of working on different long term projects with some feedback, but not enough when compared to the time put in.

Hello world!


I am the first post on this website!

It's all written from scratch with use of vanilla clientside js + html + css and serverside php and mysql (mariadb) with no use of external frameworks. It all took me way longer than I would like to admit, but it is here at last. It probably still needs more security measures, content and features, but the base is here!

Feel free to check the games section to see the other things I've created!